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Last few minutes of your trip!

Take Lenoir City Exit, Exit 81

Go North on 321

From I 75 South turn Left on 321

From I75 North turn Right on 321

From I 40 west turn left on 321

From I40 East turn right on 321 

From I 75 Exit travel approximately 7miles.

Cross Fort Loudoun Dam and the smaller bridge at the end of the dam.

Look for blue ‘state’ signs. The first sign will say Lazy Acres Ahead 1 mile.

After the first sign you will see the ‘first’ Jackson Bend Road sign which you should NOT take. Continue on 321 for a mile and you will see another blue ‘state’ sign announcing Lazy Acres is 3 tenths of a mile to the right at the ‘second’ Jackson Bend Road sign.

Turn right on ‘second’ Jackson Bend Road sign and our park is 3/10 of a mile after tuning right on Jackson Bend Road. You will see a big off-white house with a red roof on your left (the owners). Turn left after passing their house. Travel until you come to a Y in the road.

 Our office is located going left at the Y. Follow road to white block building where our office is located at the front of the building. 

 Office Hours: 9am to 5pm Monday thru Friday

After Hours you may still reach us at one of the following numbers.

Owners: Albert and Freda Bell  865 986-3539 or 865 254-9961  

Manager: Vina 'Carol' George 865 389-8543

 Information: Wayne McDowell 865 254-9280 (after hours and weekends)

When office is closed, please continue right at the Y; then turn right at top of hill.....Host is site #8, 2nd on left. This is our information (afterhours) personnel.

Thank you,

Vina ‘Carol’ George, Manager